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JM Platinum Blazer II - Revised platinum blazer.  Custom / Tailor made with your specific measurements.  Embroidered over the left chest is the DST Shield.  Inside lining is the Red & White satin stripe lining.  Attached are the DST Shield buttons.


Included - Platinum II Embroidered garment bag for protecting your blazer and ease of carrying.


Note:  This blazer will require roughly 2 months to complete.

Note:  Please read our Perfect Fit Guarantee


Note:  Please use the chart provided when submitting your measurements. Professional measuring is highly recommended.

JM Platinum Blazer II HD

  •                                       ALTERATIONS


    If the garment requires only a few adjustments in order to fit you perfectly, take it to a local tailor:  JM will reimburse this expense up to 25%.


    JM Blazer Line garments are hand-made under strict quality control to provide you with a perfectly fitted garment. In rare occasions your product may not have the right fit - that's why we created the Perfect Fit Guarantee.


    If against all odds, your garment does not fit you properly we will cover some of the alteration costs made by your local tailor or, alternatively, we will make a new garment for you.


    1. Take your garment to your local tailor within 7 days from receiving your garment.


    2. Ask your tailor for an invoice and a short description of the adjustments applied to your garment.


    3. JM will refund your expense within 72 hours.

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